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Need to get healthier, feel better and have more confidence about yourself?

Dr. Arthur T. Davidson Jr.’s HCG Weight Loss Program is a time-tested program where you can lose weight and stay motivated to keep it off and stay healthy. You may feel that losing weight is a hopeless situation and that you should give up. Everything you have done so far on your own has not worked.

Please do not give up. YOU are the patient who we have been looking for.

On Dr. Davidson’s HCG Weight Loss Program, the average patient loses 18 to 25 pounds on the six-week program, losing fat around such troubled areas as the chin, stomach, upper and lower back, love handles, and thighs. Most patients lose weight without experiencing headaches, weakness, irritability, or hunger pangs.

Dr. Davidson’s HCG Weight Loss Program is a custom program, where Dr. Davidson is your weight loss coach. Sometimes it is not what you eat on your diet that prevents weight loss, rather situations that arise while you’re trying to lose weight, derailing your weight loss efforts. Dr. Davidson is there to give you that boost when you become discouraged or overwhelmed.

Dr. Davidson talks to his patients and understands the value of listening. This is a one-on-one program where you work only with Dr. Davidson. Each patient is given Dr. Davidson’s cell phone number. Dr. Davidson’s HCG weight loss program works best with the more contact you, the patient, has with him.

The doctor-patient relationship does not end when you reach your weight loss goal. You are encouraged to stay in contact with Dr. Davidson. Likewise, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Davidson should you have any questions, be it a health or HCG-related question.

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