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Medical weight loss science meets custom service with Dr. Arthur Davidson’s HCG diet program. 

A Remarkable Program:

" I began to see results quickly. Dr. Davidson is very attentive, knowledgable, and caring. This program is about more than just losing weight.

He is always available to answer your questions. All it takes is Dr. Davidson! I no longer suffer with diabetes or high blood pressure. I no longer need medication and I have no more pain. I have lost 18 pounds. I am amazed at how good this program is and how quickly it has worked for me! Thank you, Dr. Davidson!”

-G. B., HCG Diet NY Patient

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Real Stories: The Experience We Offer

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Life Changing Results

This program with Dr. Davidson is wonderful. You feel great, you are not hungry, and Dr. Davidson guides and encourages you daily.

Mary P HCG Diet Program Patient

I lost 1/2 to 1 pound each day. I highly recommend doing the HCG Program with Dr. Davidson!

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Priscilla F. HCG Diet Program Patient

I worked with Dr. Davidson after I moved to NYC and was having trouble maintaining my weight. I wasn't comfortable in my body. Dr. Davidson provided excellent guidance and professional support as I worked my way through the program.

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Kelly H. HCG Diet Program Patient

I lost over 25 lbs in the first 6 weeks! I feel stronger and more confident than I have in a long time. I've even done additional rounds of the program to keep my weight loss momentum and couldn't be happier with the results.

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Malik A. HCG Diet Program Patient

I can highly recommend Dr. Davidson's HGC Program to anyone who is serious about weight loss.

James P. HCG Diet Program Patient

Dr. Davidson's phenomenal and successful program changed my health and my life. I struggled for 25 years with diabetes and high blood pressure (ranging from 146 to 250). After the program, I don't have these issues anymore. I am grateful to have had the wonderful priviledge of working with Dr. Davidson.

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Dustin R HCG Diet Program Patient
We're Here For Our Patients No Matter What

Additional Health Challenges?
No Problem.

The HCG Diet Program Works For Those Suffering From:


High Blood Pressure

Acid Reflux

Sleep Apnea

Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Joint Pain

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What is the HCG Diet?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone created naturally in pregnant women

Over the past twenty five years, Dr. Davidson has perfected his one-on-one patient weight loss program using a combination of fat burning injections, HCG, and a specific nutrition plan that work together in combination to banish fat from stubborn problem areas.

This is a six-week program that is also available in a two, three or four week program if you have less weight to lose.

Constant Support

Dr. Davidson prides himself as being a personal point of contact for his patients. He is available by text, phone, or email and provides support via direct communication throughout.

Comfort + Ease

This is not a punishing or difficult program: you don't need to suffer to lose weight! Most patients report losing weight without hunger pangs, headaches, weakness or irritability.

Weight Loss

The average patient loses 18-25 pounds during the six week HCG Diet Program.

Problem Area Changes

Stubborn areas like the chin, stomach, upper and lower back, love handles, and thighs see improvement and fat loss.

This is Your Time

What Can I Expect?

Our results speak for themselves! Check out what the average patient on Dr. Davidson’s HCG Diet Plan experiences in six weeks.

Top Experience

Dr. Davidson has over 25 years of experience in the medical weight loss field.

Patient Support

Text, call or email Dr. Davidson throughout your program to get questions answered, advice, and support.

Time Tested

This program has been perfected over years of medical experience.

Life Changing

Our patients can't keep quiet about their results! Check out our program reviews.

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Past offices held:

Chairman of the Board

American Society of Bariatric Physicians


American Society of Bariatric Physicians

Chairman, Membership Committee

American Society of Bariatric Physicians

Chairman, Mentoring Committee

American Society of Bariatric Physicians

About Us:

Meet Dr. Davidson

With a head of grey hair and over 25 years of experience in the medical field of Bariatrics (the treatment of obesity in overweight patients), Dr. Arthur T. Davidson Jr. is an expert who can help you lose weight and put you on the path to getting healthier.

Dr. Davidson sees patients in a one-on-one environment and listens to patients’ goals and issues to create a custom HCG Diet Plan with them. Dr. Davidson prides himself as being a personal point of contact for his patients, and is directly available to answer questions, or provide encouragement. Many patients say Dr. Davidson’s HCG Diet Program is the only program that actually helped them lose weight.

Dr. Davidson is an expert in the medical field of Bariatrics. Dr. Davidson was a former President and Chairman of the Board of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (now known as the Obesity Medicine Association), the largest association of medical professionals whose sole mission is the treatment of overweight patients. Dr. Davidson was the 126th doctor to receive his board certification in this field.

Dr. Davidson believes weight loss is a gift you give yourself.

Dr. Davidson is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Arthur T. Davidson Jr., M.D.

"Losing Weight And Getting Healthy Are Gifts That You Give Yourself"

Dr. Arthur T. Davidson Jr.

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